Food that reminds us of Taylor Swift’s “Midnights”

Food and desserts to explore that will remind you of your favorite “Midnights” songs!

By: Eve Neider

Taylor Swift’s newest album, “Midnights,” is another masterpiece in her already storied discography. Many people were anxiously waiting until midnight on October 21, 2022 with their friends and speakers ready to blast. Swift writes all of her songs and is very creative with her lyrics. Their creativity and particularity can resonate with people, elicit memories, and make one feel a certain way. This album has such a range that it can be played for road trips to homework and anything in between. As a foodie and Swiftie, we have analyzed the lyrics and paired foods that match with each song. Perhaps you and your friends can each bring these foods, and have a listening party for “Midnights.”

“Lavender Haze”

Lavender haze represents an all-encompassing love glow. A bowl of gnocchi in a vodka sauce is the ultimate comfort food that sends us into a “haze”, and we just want to keep eating this delicious, silky dish.


Beef burgundy is a fitting meal for this song because burgundy wine is maroon-colored. The lyrics also say, “The burgundy on my T-shirt when you splashed your wine into me.” This song is about how two people who were in love are no longer together. The beef that is cut into pieces symbolizes how the couple is no longer together. She uses the color maroon because it is a darker shade of red, which was the name of another album and song.


Burgers can become a “problem” because they are addicting and hard to avoid with all the burger places there are, to which the lyrics “everybody agrees”, “I’ll stare directly at the sun but never in the mirror”, and “I’m a monster on the hill, too big to hang out” relate to how a burger is a messy, big, and heavy meal that is not necessarily pretty. There are also endless toppings conducive to burgers that could symbolize how insecurities pile up. 

“Snow on the Beach” 

This one is avocado toast because bread and avocado are as good of a duo as Lana Del Ray and Taylor Swift. The avocado over the bread is symbolic of snow landing on the beach. This song is simple, but satisfying like avocado toast. It is a calming song that one can listen to in the morning when getting ready for the day. 

“You’re on Your Own, Kid”

Chicken tenders are so simply reminiscent of childhood. This song is about young love and how it may not be reciprocated, which is a commonly shared experience while growing up. Chicken tenders are a staple comfort meal people eat when upset. 

“Midnight Rain”

Hot wings are perfect for this song because Swift says, “I wanted that pain,” and eating hot wings can be painful because of the spice. Hot wings are also “chasing that fame” by gaining more popularity through a famous celebrity interview show called Hot Ones.


Sushi is fitting for this song because the variety of choices and combinations available, such as fish, vegetables, rice, etc., can make one question what they want for a long time while ordering. 

“Vigilante Shit”

Salad represents this song because Swift talks about “dressing”, in a clothing context, but dressing is also an integral part of a salad. Many women seek “revenge bodies” after a breakup, which a lot of people associate with consuming salads.  


Lobster is the perfect food for “Bejeweled” because it can “make the whole place shimmer” because of its striking color and high-class connotations. At fancy restaurants, people will “polish up real nice” to eat artisanally prepared lobster.


This song reminds us of ice cream because it is such a beloved food. We often eat it too quickly and get a brain freeze. So we must take a minute and breathe like Swift says: “Breathe in, breathe through / Breathe deep, breathe out.” The chorus repeats the phrase “falling in love again,” which can make people think of ice cream dates and wanting more of this luscious dessert.


Caramel cheesecake must be the choice for this song because the word “karma” sounds like “caramel.” The song also says karma is “sweet like honey,” and caramel is known for being really sweet. The quintessential stickiness of caramel is symbolic of how karma can often linger.

“Sweet Nothing” 

Lemon mousse fits this song because of its tartness and sweetness. It is a light, soft dessert that is reminiscent of how the song sounds airy and soft. Swift mentions “July” in the song that brings to mind lemons as a staple summer flavor because of its refreshingness. 


Nachos relates to this song because of the chorus: “I laid the groundwork and then, just like clockwork, the dominoes cascaded in a line”. This can remind us of how chips act as the groundwork, followed by all of the ingredients on top. The line, “And the first night that you saw me, nothing was gonna stop me?” is like the temptation of warm, flavorful nachos that are difficult not to overindulge in.  

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