How to Make the Perfect Fall Charcuterie Board

by Margaret McCann

We love a good charcuterie ALWAYS, but we all know that they’re the most fitting in fall. We’re here to tell you which ingredients and foods to pick for your next charcuterie board that look and taste good.

Candied Walnuts

Candied walnuts are the perfect touch for any fall charcuterie board. They add a delicate balance of sweet and salty while fitting the autumn aesthetic. Plus, the crunchy addition is always a great way to help cut the softness of the other aspects of the board.

Sliced Apples

This one is a no brainer! Slice up a few apples for the ultimate fall vibe on your board. Whether you scatter them around the board or arrange them in a fun shape (we’ve seen some awesome apple roses), they always look good and taste delicious.

Kettle Corn

Hear us out – kettle corn doesn’t always have to be a summer thing. This is another sweet and salty addition you can put on your board as a finishing touch to give it a fun fall twist. The colors and flavors of the kettle corn will pair perfectly with the other elements of the charcuterie.


Figs are the perfect addition to a fall board. Figs and cheese have always been a good match, but something about figs gives us major fall vibes. Serve them whole, cut them in half, or incorporate fig jam into your board. Pro tip: fig jam and goat cheese on toast is the ULTIMATE pairing for fall.

Brie/Baked Brie

Brie is a must-have for a fall charcuterie. The creamy taste paired with the bolder flavors of some of the above elements is the perfect combination for fall. Baked brie is also a great addition to a fall charcuterie: dress up a wheel with fall flavors like walnuts, honey, or cinnamon and pop it in the oven for a few minutes. Heaven.

Dried Cranberries

These are perfect to sprinkle on your board to pair with whichever other fall foods you choose. We know people associate cranberries with winter, but they’re just as good in fall. Plus, they totally go with the season’s aesthetic.


We know this is a basic one, but honey is the perfect touch on a board. For fall, though, try some different flavors. Garlic and rosemary honeys add another fall-tasting layer to a charcuterie and are a good way of making things look *fancy* with minimal effort.

Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps

Huge shoutout to Trader Joe’s here, but these are the perfect crackers to have on your fall charcuterie board. They’re honestly the ultimate culmination of all of our favorite fall flavors, and they’re the perfect way to add flavor to the more mild elements of your board.

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