Buttermilk Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches

Our Recipages celebrate everything the winter season brings. These waffle sandwiches, stuffed with roasted turkey, brie, Dijon mustard, and cranberry chutney, make the perfect breakfast-lunch hybrid.

Our Holiday Favorites: Brie en Croûte

For me, the holidays are all about my front door opening and closing, opening and closing—an endless stream of warm hugs and warm smiles flowing into my house. As someone with a big Italian-American famiglia, my family gatherings are huge. So with tons of plates and tons of antipasti to prepare, my Christmas cooking traditions…

#MyFoodHigh: The Roundup

Our weekly roundup of insta-worthy foodstagrams. Use the hashtag #MyFoodHigh or tag us @bakedmagazine to be featured!