Food Bank Friday

By Lee Musho

Attention All! Today is Food Bank Friday, during Syracuse’s Annual Downtown Dining Weeks. At 40 locations around the city of Syracuse, you’ll not only get extra bang for your buck, you can also help people in need.

Let’s break it down:

20 restaurants are offering a lunch special, or 3 courses for 10 dollars or less.

35 restaurants are also offering a dinner special, or 3 courses for 25 dollars or less.

At all of these restaurants today, Friday, February 23rd, you’ll be given a pledge card with an option to donate to The CNY Food Bank! The craziest thing is? According to the Downtown Dining Weeks Committee, “for every $1 donated, the Food Bank can provide three meals for an individual in need.” 

Give some of that post-meal happiness back and start the weekend off right.


Check out our article on the Dining Weeks here.

Photo: St. Thomas Church Food Bank

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