5 Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

By Ashley Britton

It’s no argument that Thanksgiving is one of the most treasured holidays. This is the one day of the year where we can eat as much food as we want and not feel guilty about it afterwards. However, as a vegan, it’s easy to feel excluded from the excitement of eating the traditional turkey and homemade stuffing, which often leaves me questioning: what can a vegan foodie eat for Thanksgiving? Not to worry- here are five fun, vegan-friendly recipes that are perfect for your Thanksgiving spread. Everyone, even meat-lovers, will be drooling over these dishes!


Vegan Thanksgiving Wraps

Who would have ever thought that cinnamon-roasted sweet potatoes and crispy baked chickpeas would blend perfectly together in a wrap? 



Quinoa Kale Salad with Sweet Potato and Apples

Need a quick, simple side dish while everyone else is fighting over the stuffing and mashed potatoes? This fresh, healthy quinoa salad is packed with tons of nutrients and is exceptionally delicious!



Vegan Pot Pie

These bad boys are made entirely from scratch, but take only one hour to make! And after that hour is done, you won’t regret waiting for the thick and creamy sensation of mixed veggies underneath a golden, flaky biscuit on top!



Butternut Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole

Have a sweet tooth? If so, this dish is guaranteed to satisfy it. It’s also guaranteed that this will be one of the first meals to completely disappear from the table. 



Vegan Apple Crisp

Who says that our favorite desserts can’t be made vegan? This warm and sweet dessert doesn’t feel like a compromise at all. What’s better is that it can also be made gluten-free! 





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