How To Celebrate Your Birthday In the Syracuse Area — Depending On Your Personality

– Amy Schwartz

If you’re stuck on what to do when you’re in ‘Cuse for your birthday, hit up some local food favorites — depending on what kind of birthday partier you are.

If You’re Low-key, But Fun:

Hibachi/Sushi and A Movie

(Source: @Leggomeggo33 on Instagram)

Head over to Destiny Mall for a Hibachi birthday extravaganza at Koto and then stay for a chill movie!

If You’re A Morning Person:

Modern Malt and Shopping

(Source: @Ames_yum on Instagram)

Go to breakfast with your friends and then walk around Armory Square! Stop into Urban Outfitters and maybe treat yourself on your special day.

If You’re Syracuse-Obsessed:

Pastabilities and DJ’s

(Source: @Ames_yum on Instagram)

If you want the full college experience at Syracuse, go to Pastabilities for a nice dinner and then head over to DJ’s for a fun continuation of the celebration.

If You Love To Chill

Wine, Varsity, and Netflix

(Source: @Couple_of_foodies on Instagram)

Order in some Varsity with friends, sip some wine, and throw on your favorite TV series!

If You’re A Bro

Basketball Game then Dinosaur BBQ

(Source: @Pennylikeacoin on Instagram)

If you are a sports fan and lucky enough to have a game fall on your birthday, go to the game and head to Dinosaur BBQ after for a full ‘Cuse fan experience!


Skip the dining hall and enjoy your birthday — the orange way.

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