A New Sweet Spot Downtown

-Claire Mackman

The popular Modern Malt restaurant in Syracuse has recently opened a new bakery! The bakeshop is located just a few doors down from the original Malt location in downtown Armory Square. It has been open for nearly a month now and has had consistent traffic from the locals and Syracuse University students! The bakery offers an expansive menu from fresh bread, to pastries, sandwiches and an espresso bar.

(Source: Claire Mackman)

The alley style bakery is filled with character from rustic brick walls to an old streetlight to set the scene. An array of cookie jars filled with homemade goodies such as double chocolate brownies, and brown butter chocolate chip cookies crowd the walls. According to a staff member Bryan, a few best sellers include the cheese Danish, carrot cake and avocado toast with tomato and bacon. Their handmade bread is offered in loaves and is the supplier for Modern Malt. The bakery also provides fresh bread for neighboring restaurants within the area. If you’re wondering where you can get another one of those warm, fluffy bread baskets, it’s most likely coming from Modern Malt’s Bakery.

(Source: Claire Mackman)

The bakeshop offers scratch made creations capable of making any mouth water. Its delectable sweet and savory treats give you the comfort of bringing them home to eat in your favorite chair and fuzzy blanket. Whether you’re an apple bacon scone person or prefer edamame hummus on sourdough, Modern Malt’s Bakery has got you! It has already begun to give into our seasonal appetite with pumpkin whoopie pies and luscious pumpkin cheesecake slices. This is promising for the upcoming winter selection that the bakery will be cranking out. 

The Modern Malt Bakery is the perfect addition to downtown. It definitely has the potential to be the new Starbucks study spot or early morning brunch cravings destination. A serene place to bring your laptop to finish that essay alongside a hot chocolate and cinnamon roll, or to grab stuff for later! The bakery is gaining popularity so make sure to check it out sometime! It’s open Monday-Sunday from 8am-3pm right around the corner from Modern Malt. Stock up for your dorm, apartment, or home this month!

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