The Chambong Takes Drinking to the Next Level

Tailgate season is still in full swing, which means beer, beer, and more beer. It also means wading your way through the puddles left by funneled Keystones and overturned cups of jungle juice. This mess can leave the average tailgater feeling a little less than classy.

Enter the Chambong.

A perfect mix of drunken paraphernalia and elegance, the Chambong is every champagne drinker’s dream. It’s shaped like a “V” and made of high borosilicate glass, which is heat-resistant and therefore perfect for drinking chilled beverages.

The creators, Randy Leslein, Harrison Neel, and Alex Epstein, originally set out to create the world’s greatest “Super Bowl,” intended for smoking. But after the cannabis-based design was a bit of a failure, they realized their mistake could be used to rapidly consume sparkling beverages.

Using the Chambong is easy—you just pour enough champagne in to fill it up, tilt it back, and enjoy all four ounces of champagne entering your body at a rate previously unimagined.  Reviews claim that it does in fact get you intoxicated much faster than a typical chug out of a standard champagne flute.

Of course, the company reminded users to always “chambong responsibly,” as the product does promote binge drinking.  And users suggested that you can upgrade your drinking game by using the device to quickly guzzle other drinks like shots, beer, and mixed concoctions.

They are selling out faster then the company can keep up with, and will only be around for a very short time. For only $25.00 it is a steal.  If you’re looking to make the most important investment of your life, head to the website to be notified when the Chambong is available.

So pop some bottles, line up the Chambongs, and get ready to rage (responsibly).

Chelsea Portner

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