McDonald’s Announces All Day Breakfast Nationwide

When was the last time you visited a McDonald’s? Chances are, you’ve probably visited Chipotle more often than you’ve been to a McDonald’s (unless you’ve got the hookup). As you, like many other college students, continue to stray further away from its processed cheeseburgers and that cashier who always gets your order wrong, McDonald’s is making one last plea to get us back.

Starting on Oct. 6th, McDonald’s is about to bless us by serving breakfast. All. Day. Long. It’s new promotion is geared towards breakfast lovers and those people who crave Egg McMuffins or hotcakes throughout the day.  So now you can order your  beloved McMuffins any time of the day!

12106212_947366041969367_1578072890_nWhy now? McDonald’s has experienced a drop in sales, so, why not give the customers what they have wanted since Adam Sandler’s greatest film, Big Daddy? The desire for all day breakfast has been on consumer minds for a long time now, and for McDonald’s to compete with fast casual food chains, like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts who serve breakfast all day,  they needed to give in. As Millennials are becoming more and more attracted to healthier options for fast food like Chipotle, McDonald’s needs to remind them why they are still relevant. Is it too little too late? This current dilemma has McDonald’s executives questioning if we’re still lovin’ it. And if not, will fulfilling our breakfast dreams bring the lovin’ back?


As we all know from experiences with McDonald’s, they aren’t always the best at following through. We have all been through that heart dropping, devastating moment when we realize the extra sauce you asked for three separate times is nowhere to be found at the bottom of the grease stained bag. My hope is that the pressure of providing breakfast all day will not result in even cheaper quality. No one likes lukewarm hotcakes or a less than big, Big Mac.

Cameron Jenkins

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