9 Hilarious Confessions From High SU Students

If you are experiencing post-4/20 guilt about yesterday’s munchies escapades, this is sure to make you feel better about yourself. Here are nine of the best (horror) stories from our hungriest high friends.

MTV // tumblr.com
1. “I ate an entire jar of pickle juice. Not the pickles, just the juice.”
NBC // tumblr.com
NBC // tumblr.com
2. “We made microwavable buffalo chicken bites. And then had the genius idea to put those in the pancake mix and whip up a batch. Nothing like the combination of hot sauce and buttermilk.”
3. “I despise whoever ordered the ice cream cake. We ate the entire sheet of Carvel with plastic spoons in one sitting. My stomach still hurts… not as badly as my conscious though.”
New Line Cinema
4. “The Zonie’s guy thought I was cray. I order a calzone filled with buffalo chicken, mac n’ cheese, and hamburger meat.”
5. “I kept eating pita chips and Reese Pieces together because I thought it tasted like a cupcake.”
6. “I walk into McDonald’s, looked around, screamed ‘I CAN’T DO THIS!,’ and then walked right back out.”
7. “I took a bite of my Yogurtland and started to cry. I was bawling in the middle of the place. It was covered in peanut butter and crunchies. It tasted so good.”
8. “After my shift at the Sadler snack bar there was entire industrial sized cheesecake left over. I took it home, smoked a blunt with my friend, and then went back to my room and ate the entire 20-piece cake by myself with my hands. We didn’t have any plastic utensils left.”
9. “We were so desperate for food that we ate the only thing left in the refrigerator and cabinet. Which meant wrapping Cheetos in cold cuts.”

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