6 V-Day Gifts For Food Lovers

For food lovers, flowers and candy hearts just don’t cut it. We’ve scoured the Internet for wow-worthy Valentine’s Day gifts for all foodies, no matter what your special someone fancies (salty? sweet? spicy?). Our unique, delicious picks are just the right way to say, “I love you.”

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1. Foodie Dice

For that indecisive foodie in your life who loves to cook but spends too much time deciding which dish to make, this should do the trick! Liz and Sarah Downey‘s Foodie Dice help you pick your ingredients, including a meat, starch, and veggie, and how to prepare it, with seasonings, herbs, and spices along with a suggested cooking method.

(Uncommongoods.com; $24)


2. My Drunk Kitchen Cookbook

Hannah Hart jokingly recorded a fake cooking show, which immediately became an Internet sensation. Here is the product of that immediate success: A cookbook that any young adult can fux with. And the best part? Drinking is encourage while preparing these easy treats that require ingredients any college or recent post college grad would have in their pantry. Saltines? Cold leftover pasta? You name it and Hannah will have a fun, easy spin on how to update it. Bonus: she also offers drinks to pair and/or prepare your meal with.

(Amazon.com, $22.99)


3. Amazing Food Hacks Cookbook

A recipe book for that special someone who loves to eat, but would prefer takeout instead of slaving away in the kitchen. Written by the founding editor of BuzzFeed Peggy Wang, this cookbook shares all the shortcuts with you, explaining how to eat well with very little effort. Always dreamed of Doritos-flavored, well, everything? Learn how to make Doritos seasoning, cookie dough Greek yogurt, and more with the most basic ingredients that you can find in almost any kitchen.

(Amazon.com, $19.99) 


4. Snack Pack Subscription

What do you get for that special someone who’s always looking for something to snack on? Every month, MunchPak delivers a variety of snacks—from the US and abroad—straight to your doorstep. Customize what you want in your package or keep it a surprise, starting at only $21 per month. Nutella, Kinder, and Herr’s are just a few favorites that are offered through MunchPak. So don’t wait, order a box today!

(Munchpak.com; $21)


5. Treatise Sweet Tooth Subscription

Some people have that insatiable sweet tooth, so treat them with this sugary, monthly gift box that can be customized to include anything from cookies to caramel sauce to chocolate pops. Starting at $15 per month, with the ability to cancel anytime,why not sample chocolate raspberry jam? For those who like to keep it dairy-free, check out the company’s vegan options.

(Treatsie.com, $15)


6. Beer of the Month Club Subscription

Tired of mediocre chocolates and a dozen roses you always get Bae on the 14th? Sign them up for this craft beer subscription. For only $39 a month, customers receive 12 American-brewed beers (4 kinds, 3 each). The various breweries that provide the drinks keep it traditional, brewing in small batches with traditional ingredients—so even the most educated craft-beer enthusiast won’t be able to turn down a taste.

(Craftbeerclub.com, $39)


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