Ben & Jerry’s Introduces 3 New Flavors

This weekend, Ben & Jerry’s has something in store for the sweet eater with a cookie dough craze. As if their latest core-line wasn’t enough, they’ve now taken it to the next level with three cookie core additions.


The new flavors, Boom Chocolatta!, Peanut Buttah, and Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core, have the same sugary-sweet taste and creamy consistency as Ben & Jerry’s traditional flavors, but the decadent ice cream now surrounds a rich cookie core. Each flavor has a unique ice cream combo, like mocha and caramel mixed, yummy ad-in’s, like fudge flakes or peanut butter cookie pieces, and a flavored cookie spread smack dab in the middle.

If that’s not enough of an excuse to run to Tops and grab a pint, then this breakdown of each flavor will do the trick.


1. Boom Chocolatta!

This flavor speaks wonders to chocolate lovers by combining mocha and caramel ice cream, chocolate cookie bits, and fudge flakes. Tucked inside is a chocolate cookie core. According to Fox News, this flavor will most likely be a fan favorite of those who enjoy Phish Food and Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch.


2. Peanut Buttah

For the die-hard peanut butter lover, who rarely eats the food any other way than out of the jar, Ben & Jerry’s presents Peanut Buttah Cookie Core. This flavor has a peanut butter ice cream base with peanut butter cookie pieces and crunchy peanut butter sugar bits mixed in. The flavor isn’t overly sweet on its own, but if you get a scoop with the peanut butter cookie core you will be put into a peanut butter trance.


3. Spectacular Speculoos

Straying from the traditional chocolate and peanut butter flavors, this ice cream plays off the original Speculoos cookie butter spread. Ben & Jerry’s infuses the taste of the traditional German biscuit-like cookie by combining vanilla and caramel ice cream with a Speculoos cookie butter core. This flavor has hints of cinnamon, and is said to be very sweet and maybe even a little too rich for some.


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