5 Ways To Use Your Extra Candy Canes

‘Tis the season for minty, sugar-loaded candy canes. Each December they creep into your life until you’re candy cane-d out. Professors hand them out on the last day of class, your friends attach them to gifts, and your family buys way too many to scatter around the house during the holidays. It seems like they don’t completely disappear until March. But have no fear—if you have candy canes to spare, try one of these ideas to get ample use out of the holiday treat this winter.

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1. Glue three mini candy canes together to make a frame for an inexpensive, festive place setting. Then, decorate a note card with the names of your guests for added fanciness at holiday dinners and parties!


2. Add minty sweetness to your Starbucks or Dunkin’ order. Candy canes melt easily, so stir your coffee or tea with one to spice up your usual drink.

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3. Top your holiday cookies, cakes, and ice cream dishes with crushed candy cane pieces to add crunch and flavor. Bonus points if you use Sriracha or bacon-flavored candy canes.

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4. For peppermint popcorn, toss crushed candy cane pieces with fresh popcorn. Then, microwave again for 30 seconds until the pieces melt. This will create a sticky glaze on each kernel for instant peppermint kettle corn.

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5. Run out of salt for margaritas? Coat the rim of any cocktail glass with candy cane dust for an added touch at holiday parties. First, wet the rim of the glass with water to make the powder stick, then roll the glass in the candy cane powder.


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