Starbucks To Launch Delivery Option In 2015

Imagine you could have that pumpkin spice latte in your hands at the press of a button. Well, for all you coffee “addicts” out there the dream is here! Starting in late 2015, Starbucks will be providing a delivery option through its mobile app, Mobile Order and Pay, that allows you to order and pay for Starbucks to deliver to your home. Starbucks went from being on every corner to now being in your hands at your heart’s command in 30 minutes or less.


“The twenty-first century is so convenience-oriented that I’m almost not surprised by this,” said freshman political science major Grace Bobertz.

Will this work? Can Starbucks deliver the barista promise? There are varying opinions on this new option offered by Starbucks.

“In one sense it is incredibly convenient that Starbucks is giving the option for delivery, but it takes away from the café culture and atmosphere that we have grown to love,” said Matthew Franceschini, a freshman civil engineering major.

A barista who works at the West Campus Starbucks heard about the news on Twitter.

“I don’t think we will be participating in the delivery system since we operate under SU. I personally think it would be ridiculous because the cold drinks separate due to the syrups and the warm drinks would end up cold,” said the barista.

According to CNN, there’s more than one way in which the delivery system can go wrong, including the following:

Higher cost: With a delivery option, prices are definitely going to rise. Don’t forget gratuity!

Wrong drink, new order, new delivery: If your order is messed up, then you will have to start a new order.

Temperature sensitivity: Warm drinks will become cold, and cold drinks will start to separate and become watery. The whipped cream will melt—it will just be a milky disaster.

Along with the delivery option, Starbucks will be offering a mobile pay app that will allow you to pay from your phone and then skip the line to pick up your order, starting in Portland, Oregon.

There aren’t too many specifics yet on the delivery process, which leaves a lot of questions unanswered. How wide will the delivery zone be? How will they preserve the temperatures of the drinks? And will they ever get my name right on my cup?


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