Family Recipes: Egyptian Baklava

This week I decided to share a little bit of my culture with my grandmother’s recipe for Egyptian Baklava. This is one of my favorite things to have at family gatherings; it’s a really traditional dessert, and if you like walnuts you’re sure to love it. There are a lot of variations on the actual shape of the Baklava, but this is one of the … Continue reading Family Recipes: Egyptian Baklava

How To Throw A Passover Seder At College

Rid your cupboards of leavened products and pull out your Haggadahs because its time for Passover! This Friday, April 3rd, is when most people will celebrate the first night of Passover with a seder. For those unfamiliar with Jewish traditions, the ceremony also known as Pesach entails a meal accompanied by a special prayer book called the Haggadah, a story that celebrates the Israelites’ escape from Egypt slavery. Let’s face facts, … Continue reading How To Throw A Passover Seder At College