6 Local Gifts for the Ultimate Foodie

No need to stress over what you’ll be wrapping up this year. We’ve found this season’s best buys for any food lover—and they all come from local artists, writers, and shops. 1. Brunch: A History, Farha Ternikar ($30.60) From: Syracuse, NY The author’s background: A sociologist of food, culture and gender, Ternikar is an associate professor at Le Moyne College. Best to buy at: amazon.com … Continue reading 6 Local Gifts for the Ultimate Foodie

Photo Gallery: Borough Furnace

With the help of $33,000, raised via a Kickstarter campaign, John Truex founded Borough Furnace two years ago. He set up shop at the Gear Factory, a forgotten warehouse on the western outskirts of Armory. Seed money funded molds for frying skillets, braising skillets, and bottle openers and to build machines from scratch. His no-waste traditional casting method relies on recycled iron scraps—specifically car brakes—to … Continue reading Photo Gallery: Borough Furnace

Back To Basics: Knife Cuts

While skimming through one of your favorite cookbooks or watching your grandmother stir up something amazing in the kitchen, you’ve probably stumbled across words such as “chop,” “julienne,” or even “chiffonade.” Whether you need to dice an onion for a flaky quiche lorraine or julienne carrots for a hearty beef stew, knowing the difference between these techniques can give your food the cutting edge for … Continue reading Back To Basics: Knife Cuts