New Easter Candies

by Courtney Carlson

With Easter around the corner, there are now several new candy choices available. Many major candy brands are bringing new flavors or new varieties of familiar flavors with an Easter twist. If you are tired of the same old chocolate bunny and jelly bean varieties, take the time to check these options out before they are all gone. 

New and Improved Chocolate Bunnies

Following the recent cereal food trend, Frankford released a variety of new bunnies with cereal. One of the bunnies is milk chocolate mixed with Rice Krispies, and some of the other options include Froot Loops, Fruity Pebbles and Apple Jacks covered in white chocolate. Additionally, they have white chocolate bunnies with Oreos and Sour Patch Kids. These bunnies are all $1 on the Walmart website. 

Fun Flavored Jelly Beans

New jelly bean flavors this year range from cereal to Mexican food. Froot Loops is debuting its own jelly bean flavor. Another fruity brand hitting store shelves this year with new flavors is Skittles. If you are not wanting more conventional flavors, Funfetti is also moving to jelly bean form. The most unique new bunch would have to be Brach’s Late Night Taco Truck bag, which includes beef taco, salsa, guacamole, margarita, horchata and churro flavors. 


These candies do not fit into the two main categories of Easter candies, but they are still worth mentioning if you are not a fan of the classics. M&Ms released new Honey Graham and Key Lime Pie flavors. Peeps released a gummy variety of its classic marshmallow treat. Hershey’s is selling its Cookies ‘N’ Cream flavor in polka dot egg and bunny shapes. Hershey’s is also introducing vanilla frosting filled Kisses and vanilla creme covered Whoppers called Bunny Tails. Cherry Twizzlers are turning into bite-sized bunnies this year too.

Try out a new Easter candy this spring and share your pics with us @bakedmagazine on Instagram!

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