Organic 101: The Truth Behind Food Labels

Last week, Baked wrote about different food labels that aren’t always self explanatory or transparent. This week we bring you the meaning behind specifically organic and natural food labels. Questions you may have: What does a “natural” label mean? What about “grass fed,” or “local”? This week, Baked will decode 5 common organic labels so you can master the art of understanding what you’re buying at the grocery … Continue reading Organic 101: The Truth Behind Food Labels

Photo Gallery: Borough Furnace

With the help of $33,000, raised via a Kickstarter campaign, John Truex founded Borough Furnace two years ago. He set up shop at the Gear Factory, a forgotten warehouse on the western outskirts of Armory. Seed money funded molds for frying skillets, braising skillets, and bottle openers and to build machines from scratch. His no-waste traditional casting method relies on recycled iron scraps—specifically car brakes—to … Continue reading Photo Gallery: Borough Furnace