Family Recipes: Egyptian Baklava

This week I decided to share a little bit of my culture with my grandmother’s recipe for Egyptian Baklava. This is one of my favorite things to have at family gatherings; it’s a really traditional dessert, and if you like walnuts you’re sure to love it. There are a lot of variations on the actual shape of the Baklava, but this is one of the … Continue reading Family Recipes: Egyptian Baklava

The Bazaar At Dawn: Eating in Istanbul

“Hoşgeldiniz! Balık satılık. Hoşgeldiniz!” The vendor catches up to me a block into the waking bazaar. “Hoşbulduk, günaydın,” I say back out of politeness. He’s selling fish, and I don’t eat fish. Besides, it’s five in the morning. The fog is just beginning to lift as I make my way through Kadikoy, a blue-collar neighborhood on the Asian side of Istanbul. Vendors selling mussels soaked in lemon … Continue reading The Bazaar At Dawn: Eating in Istanbul