Syracuse’s vegan seasonal menu

Your favorite local vegan finds By Maddie Rhodes Tis’ the season of crunchy leaves and everything pumpkin. While you’re adding all things fall to your October appetite, don’t forget these seasonal vegan meals to your menu. The A.B.C. Burger at Strong Hearts $15 Strong Hearts’ seasonal menu never fails! They recently started serving the A.B.C. Burger which has a beyond burger, apples, tempeh as bacon, … Continue reading Syracuse’s vegan seasonal menu

A guide to reducetarian eating

How to decrease your intake of animal products without fully eliminating them for a more environmentally friendly diet. By Katie Wood Chicken nuggets, butter, ice cream — how could you ever imagine giving these staple foods up? Well, if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly diet without giving up some of your insatiable cravings, let us introduce you to reducetarian eating! Reducetarians are … Continue reading A guide to reducetarian eating