March Fruits to Look Out For

by Kristy Kim

Now that the long winter season is coming to an end, we can look forward to better days and hopefully warmer temperatures! Something to keep in mind for your next trip to the produce section are the fruits that are in season for the month of March. While most of the winter fruits are still available in March, we can look out for fruits like kiwis, squashes and a variety of citrus fruits.

Some of the citrus fruits coming into season  include grapefruit, mandarins, blood oranges and kumquats. These fruits provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients to keep a healthy body and maintain energy throughout the day. Many of these citrus fruits can be bought in bulk, and if you can’t finish it all, a trick to use is cutting them up into small cubes and freezing them to make a healthy ice cream for later!

Another way to consume your fruits is to juice them up and make a delicious drink. Tangerines are a favorite snack of ours, and they are so easy to carry around throughout the day as a snack. Citruses are known to be more sweeter and flavorful now, at the end of the season, so make sure to stock up now at your local produce aisle. Especially since, as students, we are at the peak of flu season, we need to increase our intake of Vitamin C to fight off the bacteria and germs surrounding us on a daily basis. 

Asparagus and artichokes are also coming out this season and, although these are not  fruit, they are something else to look forward to. Roasting up these vegetables on the side adds volume and flavor to your dishes in the best way possible.

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