A Definitive Girl Scout Cookie Ranking

by Eve Neider

“Excuse me, will you please buy some cookies?” Everyone has been in a situation where you are going grocery shopping and are suddenly stopped by little girls with bright smiles and sweet puppy eyes begging you to buy some Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scout cookies are perfect for the winter when you want to cozy up by the fire with cookies and milk. So, buying these cookies is a great way to satisfy that sweet craving and support the community. 

Girl Scout cookies started in 1917 when young girls and their mothers home baked cookies to finance troop activities. As of 2021, all the Girl Scout cookies are Kosher and Halal certified. There is a wide variety of flavors for those wanting something sweet, creamy, or salty — there are even vegan and gluten free options too! Each Girl Scout council chooses a licensed baker, so that is why there are different names and some taste slightly different. It’s surprising there isn’t a national holiday for Girl Scout cookies because people get passionate about their favorites and order cookies every time they pass a table. These cookies will have you saying “om nom nom nom” like Cookie Monster by the first bite!

Lemonades and Lemon Ups: 10/10

The lemonades are a tangy, refreshing snack, ideal for the summer when you hop out of the pool and want something sweet! It’s a crispy and light shortbread cookie with lemon-flavored icing. These have been one of our favorites for a long time because we love that the lemon flavor isn’t too overwhelming. The lemon-ups are lemon flavored cookies that include inspiring messages like “I Am A Leader”. We think this is the perfect gift for someone who needs a treat with some encouragement. 

Samoas/Caramel deLites: 8/10

For all the sweet-tooths out there, this one’s for you! This cookie lives up to its name as it is deliciously delightful! The chewy caramel, crispy coconut, and beautiful chocolatey stripes will make you eat these like popcorn during a movie. The caramel gives a nougat-like feel, and the hole in the middle means it’s healthier, right? 

Thin Mints: 10/10

This is a number one seller and the delicious taste explains why! The crispiness of the wafer and thinness makes it melt in your mouth. And if you haven’t tried putting it in the freezer to eat like a little ice cream sandwich, we definitely recommend it. You can’t go wrong with this classic cookie.

Tagalongs/Peanut Butter Patties: 9/10

Peanut butter and chocolate is a match made in heaven. These cookies have a crispy cookie layer, fluffy cookie layer, and peanut butter all covered in love by chocolate. It is basically Reese’s with more flavor and better texture! The peanut butter is smooth and is much creamier than the graininess of Reese’s. 

Caramel Chocolate Chip: 6/10

This cookie pairs well with milk and it’s also gluten free. It tastes like a granola bar more than the warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie. Personally, we prefer the chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, but if you prefer something more crunchy and basic, this is the cookie for you. 

Toffee-tastic: 5/10

This cookie is buttery and sweet, but hard and dry. The toffee bits add a nice flavor, but they are sticky which makes it hard to chew. It gives a Heath bar feel and it’s also gluten free.

Trefoils: 6/10

You can’t go wrong with a shortbread cookie. It will remind you of your grandma’s house and the cookie has the Girl Scout logo on it. They are perfect for the people who are picky, but like the sweet, buttery flavor. It is crispy and a classic, but kind of plain. This pairs well with a cup of tea and makes a good light snack. 

S’mores: 7/10

This will make you feel like you are by a campfire on a beautiful summer night with friends, without getting your fingers all messy. It’s a crispy graham cracker cookie filled with chocolate and a creamy center. The cream doesn’t taste like a marshmallow, so if that’s your favorite part, you might be a little disappointed. It can also be a little too sweet for some. 

Adventurefuls: 8/10

This is a new cookie that is different from the others. It is a brownie-inspired cookie filled with salty caramel and drizzled with more chocolate. The cookie is more crispy than a typical brownie. 

Do-si-do/Peanut Butter Sandwich: 7/10

This cookie is overshadowed by the Tagalongs, but it’s still delicious. It is a crunchy ground oatmeal cookie, which is stuffed with peanut butter filling. The cookies are a delicate sweet balance to a more savory filling. The peanut butter flavor can be overwhelming and some probably miss the chocolate to balance out the peanut butter. 

Toast-Yay: 6/10

If you live, love, breakfast this cookie is the perfect breakfast dessert. This crunchy cookie is french-toast flavor with icing on the bottom. This pairs well with a cup of coffee. It is very sweet though. Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast?

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