What Your Coffee Order Says About Your Syracuse College

by Erin Fell

Syracuse University does not take coffee lightly. With tons of coffee shops on campus and nearby, the chances of seeing a student with coffee in hand are high. Whether you are one to branch out often with various syrups and flavorings, or stick to your go-to favorites, your coffee order can be quite telling of your personality. This includes which college within Syracuse you are a part of. So many varying fields of study call for various caffeine preferences. Think about how your coffee order has evolved since when you first started drinking it…your preferences may have changed! Parallels between the two can most definitely be drawn.

Whitman: Black Coffee 

Whitman students mean business, and not just with their studies. They like to keep it basic and reliable with black coffee… plus it’s nearly impossible to mess up. This coffee is an easy transaction between the student and the barista, which they appreciate.

Education: Latte

Education majors are incredibly good with people. They are likely to order something creamier and milkier to match their personable selves. Lattes are a comfortable and familiar way to consume coffee and keep things easy, which draws to how education majors are easygoing and relaxed.

Law: Cold Brew

Cold brew is, in a way, a more elevated form of black coffee. It’s easy to work with and has that extra caffeine which is perfect for all of the late-night reading and bar exam studying. Cold brew drinkers drink this at all points of the year, despite the air being colder than their drink in snowy Syracuse. However, they do not care and will have it their way, just like a good lawyer would do.

Arts and Sciences: Frappuccino

The College of Arts and Sciences is quite all over the place. There is a vast variation in all of the majors offered – just like how frappuccinos have a vast amount of ingredients and steps to make them. Frappuccinos are often people’s introduction into coffee – like how many students at Syracuse begin in Arts and Sciences to test the waters and may end up switching into a more concentrated field.

Newhouse: Cappuccino

Newhouse students are smart cookies. Their coffee order shows this because cappuccinos involve slightly more work to get just right. The frothing of the milk must be done to perfection. Being in Newhouse involves this extra work as well on the students’ end. And since communications is a broad and versatile field, it would make sense that these students would order something on the simpler side that satisfies a vast amount of coffee drinkers.

Engineering: Espresso shots

Engineering students do not mess around when it comes to their studies or their coffee. These people are strictly espresso shot drinkers. It gets the job done with no extra additives, much like engineering. These students are very hardcore with no time on their hands for any sort of sweetness, milks, or foam.

Visual Performing Arts: Matcha

Visual and Performing Arts students are bold, creative, and not afraid to stand out. They show this with their coffee order that doesn’t even count as coffee, but matcha. This green fun drink is individualistic and stands out against all other coffee orders, and is unexpected, just like those in this school.

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