Breakfast is BECkoning

by Jules Fickenscher

There is nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning and curing last night’s questionable decisions with a breakfast sandwich. Loaded with savory flavors and carbs, nothing makes us more excited to get the day going than a breakfast sandwich, especially when you can make your own. Whether your vibe is a bacon, egg, and cheese or a loaded breakfast burrito, we’ve curated the ultimate breakfast sandwich guide for everyone’s weekend needs.

1. Pick a “bready” base

A breakfast sandwich is only as good as its base, and the base must support all of its delicious contents. A bagel, a large flour tortilla, or toasted bread are all good options.

2. Include eggs

It’s a breakfast sandwich for a reason. And if you want it to truly be considered a breakfast sandwich, then you must include eggs or a vegan/allergy friendly egg substitute. Eggs add texture and protein to your meal. They also contain an amino acid that helps your body replenish certain antioxidants that are known to improve hangover symptoms. Eat delicious food, and do your body good. 

3. Meats and cheese

Pretty much any type of meat and cheese lead to a tasty breakfast sandwich. So, whether it be bacon and sausage, pepper jack or cheddar, do whatever you’d like and don’t let anybody else yuck your yum.

4. Add a creamy element

You’ve got your bread, meat, and cheese all settled and deliciously awaiting your sandwich. But these three ingredients can leave you feeling a bit heavy and bloated. Adding a creamy ingredient lightens up the entire meal and adds an additional texture. Some of our favorite options are avocado, scallion cream cheese, and spicy mayo.

5. Take it to the next level

Show off your culinary skills by adding one little finishing touch to your meal. This could include a hash brown patty between your egg and cheese, chucking some pickled red onion on top, or adding a drizzle of spicy honey. 

With these tips and tricks, you are 100% guaranteed a good morning. Or maybe at least a good meal for those mornings that are…rocky. We don’t judge.

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