Steal Those Avocados from the Dining Hall

by Kate Kelley

Whether it’s because Syracuse doesn’t know what veganism is or not, there are whole avocados in the vegan section of Ernie Davis dining hall available for the taking. With avocados averaging almost two dollars a piece, figuring out how to easily incorporate them into dining hall meals and dorm snacks will help you make the most of your meal plan. We have never actually seen anyone take an avocado, so we decided to try it out for ourselves. Over the course of a week, we tried to incorporate avocados in different ways to spice up the repetitive meal calendar. Here are our top picks: 

  1. Avocado Toast: Adding avocado to toast or a bagel is an easy way to spice up the monotonous dining hall breakfast. 
  2. Adding to salads: Cutting an avocado into cubes and adding it to a salad can help  expand your salad bar go-to. 
  3. Adding to burgers: Whether you prefer a typical hamburger, veggie burger, or chicken, adding sliced avocado can give the burger a much needed upgrade. 

If you don’t feel like cutting open an avocado in the middle of the dining hall, take a few home for some easy dorm-friendly snacks.  

  1. Guacamole: Mashing a few avocados with salt and pepper and any other guac ingredients you have on hand makes for a simple healthy dip perfect for chips and vegetables. 
  2. Smoothies: If you have a blender available in your dorm or apartment, adding avocado to a smoothie or smoothie bowl is a perfect way to work healthy fats and vitamins B and C into your diet. 

The most innovative uses for avocados, no. But dorm-friendly avocado dishes on a budget – say less. So seize the day and steal an Ernie avocado on your way out of the dining hall (just don’t tell them Baked sent you).

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