Comfort Foods to Get You Through the Upcoming Winter

by Maddie Roberts

With the weather getting colder, all we want to eat is comfort foods. You’ve got the classics like soups and chili, but there are many more delicious and cozy foods to make as Syracuse heads into the winter season. We have a full menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert comfort foods for you to try out this season. 

We cannot talk about cold-weather comfort food without something apple pie flavored. So of course we’re kicking off this list with this apple pie steel-cut oatmeal from Taste of Home. This oatmeal is full of cozy fall flavors, like apple, cinnamon, maple syrup, and nutmeg. It is a slow cooker recipe — perfect to throw in Sunday night and have for breakfast during the rest of your busy week. This recipe suggests pecans on top along with sliced apples, creating a variety of textures for the perfect fall breakfast bite. However, almonds are a great alternative if you are not a fan of pecans.

Moving on to a quick and easy lunch, a classic grilled cheese and tomato soup is always a great option. We love a crunchy and cheesy sandwich dipped in a creamy and flavorful soup. It’s super easy to throw together for a midday pick-me-up and will warm you up after those long walks home in the cold. This lunch gets points for the nostalgia factor too, since comfort food is all about what makes you feel happy and cozy!

After a comforting breakfast and lunch, it is only fitting to keep the comfort food vibes going for dinner. Pasta is a go-to in any season, and easy to adapt to whatever flavors you are feeling. For the cold weather, baked ziti is a perfect dinner idea – it is an easy meal that’s filling and creates the best cozy feeling. This recipe from The Pioneer Woman is a great guide, and can easily be made vegetarian or gluten-free by using tofu or another meat substitute, and/or gluten-free pasta. It is bursting with flavors from the sauce, three different cheeses, and seasonings, but is simple enough that any college student can make it to warm up their night. 

Finishing out our cold-weather comfort foods is, of course, a pumpkin-themed dessert. This pumpkin bread from Dinner at the Zoo it’s so tasty it’s addicting. The bread turns out super fluffy and not at all dry. The chocolate chips and pumpkin combination not only tastes great, but also creates a unique texture to mix things up. This pumpkin bread is a rich dessert that will end your cozy fall day perfectly.

As summer slips away into cold weather, we’ve fully embraced the comfort food vibes for every meal. These recipes are absolutely on the “to try” list, and we can’t wait for all the cozy feelings that come along with them. Although we’re heading into the dreaded Syracuse winter, at least we have some amazing comfort food to look forward to.

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