5 Fall Toast Recipes to Keep You Toasty

Expand your horizons beyond avocado toast and try these fall twists!

3 Totally Weird Foodie Matchmaking Sites

It’s important that the person you love loves what you love—corny or not, this is rather significant for a functional relationship. Remembering that dating should be the result of some mutual affections, let’s take a look at three websites that act as matchmakers for the most passionate of lovers out there: food lovers. —Words by…

How To Throw A Passover Seder At College

Rid your cupboards of leavened products and pull out your Haggadahs because its time for Passover! This Friday, April 3rd, is when most people will celebrate the first night of Passover with a seder. For those unfamiliar with Jewish traditions, the ceremony also known as Pesach entails a meal accompanied by a special prayer book called the Haggadah,…

5 Bizarre Food Pairings

Ditch your preconceived notions about what ingredients “go” well together and create a culinary love story by pairing odd couples in the kitchen. Try our list of 5 weird food combinations you’ve probably never heard of but need to try.

Our Holiday Favorites: Brie en Croûte

For me, the holidays are all about my front door opening and closing, opening and closing—an endless stream of warm hugs and warm smiles flowing into my house. As someone with a big Italian-American famiglia, my family gatherings are huge. So with tons of plates and tons of antipasti to prepare, my Christmas cooking traditions…