The Man Behind Good Uncle

By Alyson Bea Weber

This semester there have been some changes at Good Uncle. The app and recent menu updates are all thanks to the new Executive Vice President of Culinary, Erik Battes.

Battes felt he had already accomplished all he could in the fine dining industry when he decided to make the switch to Good Uncle, where he saw major growth potential in the food delivery business.

As an alumn from the Culinary Institute of America, there’s no question Battes can cook some seriously good food. However, his experience in the industry is nothing Good Uncle would have ever expected. He was Head Chef at various Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Morimoto and Jean George’s, and became the Corporate Executive Chef for STARR Restaurants where he managed over 30 high-end locations, such as Le Coucou and Buddakan. He was also a contestant on Iron Chef America (his episode has yet to air).

EB Modernist Class 1

“It certainly has been an adjustment making food that is delivered versus in a restaurant setting,” Battes says. He not only works with his team to test and perfect recipes for taste, but he also has to make sure the food they provide will remain fresh throughout the duration of the delivery process. He does this by analyzing the food’s scientific properties like its moisture level. If the moisture level in a sandwich is too high, the bread will get soggy in the delivery process. Battes Eand his team adjust what type of ingredients go into a sandwich so the bread remains firm from the time it’s made to the time it’s delivered.

Battes and his team are constantly innovating, “we never accept good enough as an option,” he says. With the menu’s evolution to pre-made bowls and customizable healthy plates, Battes isn’t afraid to take risks and enact change within the company. The Marketing Director along with the rest of the Good Uncle team say that they are, “extremely fortunate to have him, and excited about the improvements he’s already made to the menu and operations.”

With the new additions to the menu such as warm chocolate chip cookies (watch out Insomnia), meatball subs, and build-your-own plates, Battes is changing the delivery game. Make sure to treat yourself every once in a while and try out the new options offered by this experienced chef!



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