Gluten-free Restaurants in Syracuse


By Lucy Dunn


A food restriction like a gluten allergy makes going out to eat a challenge. What many don’t know is that there is an array of restaurants all around the city of Syracuse that offer the proper gluten information and options. If you’re bored of the same old simple salad or burger without the bun (I’ve been there), here are a few places you may not have tried!


  1. CoreLife Eatery: 7265 Buckley Rd. 


Photo by CoreLife Eatery


Green, grain, and broth bowls are the highlights of this quick and delicious gluten-free lunch and dinner option. CoreLife offers vegan and vegetarian options, but most importantly you can eat everything on the menu! They use fresh ingredients and provide a wide range of options so you can customize your own bowl and they have a unique set of ingredients like sriracha ginger tofu and Thai rice noodles. Check out their menu!


  1. Original Grain: 302 S Salina St. 


Photo by Laur K.


Original Grain is a restaurant that serves the on-trend acai bowls, rice bowls, avocado toast, and sushi burritos. Their menu items are bright and colorful and they serve fresh ingredients and stomach filling proteins like short rib, chicken, and salmon. Not all of the options they serve are gluten-free, but many of the grain bowls, acai bowls, and Nori (seaweed) wraps are. It is the perfect combination of healthy and delicious, and it is conveniently located in Armory Square and can also be ordered through GrubHub!


  1. Lemon Grass: 238 W. Jefferson St. 



Photo by Lemon Grass


Lemon Grass offers a delicious menu of Pacific Rim Thai, including homemade curries, soups, and salads. They offer vegetarian options and they list all their menus items that are gluten-free. Their duck, shrimp, and lobster are a refreshing change from the chicken you’ve been eating all semester. Lemon Grass is a little more expensive than the typical college student’s budget, which makes it a perfect spot to suggest to your parents when they visit. 


  1. Pastabilities: 311 S. Franklin St. 


Photo by Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives


Eating Italian food with a restriction to gluten is nearly impossible, but fear not! Pastabilities offers gluten free penne pasta. With their wide range of pasta sauces and toppings, not only can you have an affordable, filling gluten-free meal, you can customize it too. 




  1. Yum Yums Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe: 601 ½ W Manlius St.


Photo by Kelli Mosher


Yum Yums is a cute little cafe in East Syracuse that makes all homemade gluten-free bagels, sandwiches, cookies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, etc. You can eat pizza or a BLT and finish it off with a gooey chocolate chip cookie. This little mom and pop shop carries everything for those sweet cravings. You can order online as well.

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