The New Food Expert on Queer Eye is a Snack



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By Chazz Inniss

Thank you Netflix for restoring early-2000s makeover shows to their former glory. On Feb. 7th, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy will return to us in its new and improved form as Queer Eye on Netflix. For those less versed in the world of improvement shows beyond HGTV, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was a show where a group of gay men well versed in the worlds of fashion, design, culture, grooming, and food, known as the Fab 5, helped straight men (now referred to as “heroes” in the reboot) become more fabulous versions of themselves. The updated version has a new cast, location, and goal. Queer Eye promises to focus more on the guys they are transforming, improving their lives with self-care practices.

Meet Antoni Porowski, a former actor, personal chef, and the new resident food and wine expert on Queer Eye. He is hot and ready to transform people’s lives, one plate at a time. He’s the perfect mix of John Mayer’s looks and Bobby Flay’s cooking skills, and we are all the way here for it. Porowski fell in love with food through family vacations and learned to cook with the help of Julia Child and PBS. In an interview with Grub Street, he explains just how he got involved with Queer Eye, how he became Ted Allen’s personal chef, and his love for peaches (not in that way Timothée Chalamet.)



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Porowski got involved with the show through Ted Allen, a former Fab 5 member and current judge of Chopped, who referred him to David Collins, the show’s creator. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Collins says he is perfect for the role.“We couldn’t be happier. He’s got that adorable face and you just want to squeeze his little head off,” says Collins.



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@antoni on Instagram



Porowski is so much more than adorable. As Ted Allen’s protegé and personal chef, he helped Allen with recipe development for publications and food-related speaking events. 

He tells Grub Street, “I still use Ted’s kitchen a lot. He invites me for dinner where he demands that I cook, but not in a professional capacity.”


His favorite winter meal:

A good ragù or bolognese.

If he’s feeling healthy:

Squash, preferably butternut, roasted with miso.

Favorite fruit:






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@antoni on Instagram



Want more Porowski? Get your second helping by following him on Instagram @antoni. And tune into Queer Eye, which premieres Feb. 7th on Netflix. Watch the trailer here.

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