What Your Favorite Holiday Treat Says About Your Personality

By Claire Pickens

With the holidays just around the corner, don’t you want to know what your all-time favorite holiday treat says about your personality? Take a look below and see if you match your favorite.

Peppermint Bark: Adventurous

Perppermint Bark from Sally's Baking Additction.png

Peppermint bark dangerously combines two types of chocolate with intense bits of peppermint. With more flavors and textures than most cookies, this holiday treat is only for the adventurous. People who enjoy peppermint bark tend to attack challenges and projects without hesitation. They make a point of trying new and unique experiences, such as sky-diving, to ensure they live an interesting life. Just like the bright bursts of peppermint flavor, this spirited person is never afraid to speak their mind loud and proud.

Sugar Cookies: Traditional

Sugar cookie Food Network

The classic sugar cookie brings a touch of sweetness and endearing tradition to the table. Not to mention these cookies are great for decorating and sharing with friends and family. They are comforted by routine and try not to stray too far from the norm. As sugar cookies are more neutral in taste, they act as the mediator when handling a conflict between friends to try to keep the peace. 

Gingerbread: Fun-loving

Gingerbread from PBS

The cookie and the person that everyone loves! Gingerbread fans are sweet and spicy. They stay focused on tasks when necessary, but in their free time, they love to have fun. Always the life of the party, gingerbreads have the best stories to tell their friends. If gingerbread cookies are your favorite, you might find people are attracted to your positive aura and clinging to you in social situations.

Candy Canes: Practical

Candy canes Mental Floss

Candy Cane lovers are all about practicality. These treats are pre-packaged in plastic and already made, eliminating mess. No muss, no fuss. People who love candy canes tend to buy only what they need, save leftovers, and hate wasting time. Because of this, they do not see the point of window shopping or participating in frivolous holiday events or activities. Instead, they focus on completing tasks in the most efficient ways possible. Candy Cane fans are dedicated to simplicity and timeliness.

Panettone: Well-rounded

panettone pinterest

Panettone is a sweet bread made with dried fruit and sometimes nuts. This bread has a little bit of everything in each bite. People who love panettone like to know a little about a lot of things rather than know a lot about a little. For them, it’s important to explore hobbies, food, friends, and careers, just for the expereince. They are conscientious and goal-driven, constantly making sure they are adding meaningful dimensions to their lives. 

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