5 Recipes to Get you Excited for the Holidays

By Dani Katz

What better way to embrace the holiday spirit than by making holiday themed foods? We all enjoy a classic hot chocolate with marshmallows and sugar cookies, but there are more exciting ways to get into the holiday spirit than the typical treats we all think of. Check out the following 5 recipes to highlight this seasons festivities!

Cinnamon Roll Wreath


A sticky yet fun way to spread holiday cheer. This treat is a great breakfast or dessert option for sharing with large parties. Dig in!

White Chocolate Caramel


This homemade sweet syrup is perfect for drizzling on top of any of your favorite traditional family desserts.  This also makes for a perfect holiday gift for someone special.

Potato Pancakes


Also known as latkes, potato pancakes are a traditional food Jewish people eat during Hanukkah. When these delicious hash brown-like pancakes turn golden brown and have a crispy exterior, you’ll know they are ready to be devoured. It is common to dip latkes in apple sauce and sour cream.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Toffee Bark


This holiday bark is deliciously addicting because of its perfect balance of salty and sweet. Possibly use red and green M&M’s (Christmas) or blue M&M’s (Hanukkah) to turn this bark into a cute festive treat for the holiday season!

Cranberry Mimosas


Cheers! Celebrate the holidays with your loved ones and enjoy a delicious yet festive cranberry cocktail.

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