The Official Westcott Food Tour


– Ellen Greene

We’re all familiar with that end of semester slump and feeling like you need to get out of the campus bubble. If you’re getting sick of Marshall street options and don’t feel like making the trip to downtown, head over to Syracuse’s hidden gem, Westcott. The 15 minute walk is made well worth it with great food and an artsy, small-town vibe.

1. Recess Coffee

(Source: Recess Coffee)

Is your cubicle in Bird getting old? Try going here for some study hours! This quiet cafe is the perfect spot to grab a sandwich for a lunch date or hunker down in your laptop with a latte in hand. They have a surprisingly extensive menu, with items ranging from biscottis and scones, milkshakes, breakfast sandwiches, paninis, and their signature wraps – all with vegan options available. We love munching on their cinnamon scone paired with their homemade chai. For lunch, try their Terminator panini, with avocado, bacon, mozarella, and pesto or their twist on a classic- a triple decker PB&J.

2. Alto Cinco

(Source: Alto Cinco)

Like Chipotle, but better. Alto Cinco’s mission is to produce healthy hand-made food, always with fresh ingredients. From Jerk Chicken Burritos to late night Nacho Fries and Cinco’s Signature Margaritas, they offer something for any time of the day. It features vegan-friendly menu options such as vegan tostadas and a BBQ tofu burrito.

3. Beer Belly

(Source: Taylor Barker, Daily Orange)

If you’re in the mood for some comfort, pub food, check out Beer Belly. Beer Belly puts a gourmet spin on traditional pub food, seen with their Kappa Corner Burger which features battered mozz, candy bacon, BBQ and ranch on a hard roll. Not a big meat fan? They offer enticing vegetarian and vegan pub fare as well, like their Veggie Brat sandwich with tomato, pickle, and spicy brown mustard on a hoagie. No matter what you order for an entree, be sure to start off with their Deli Nachos, loaded with pulled beef, pickled onions, beer cheese, and sriracha.

4. Mom’s Diner

(Source: Lauren Murphy, Daily Orange)

If you’ve been looking for the perfect spot to recover after a night out, Mom’s diner is the answer. They feature all the classic American diner classics like eggs and pancakes, but what sets them apart is their Jersey Sandwich. There’s something about the simple combination of egg, bacon, hash browns, and melted cheese that makes the Jersey cure your hangover.

5. Picasso’s Pastries and Cafe

(Source: Rohan Thakore)

Are the cookies at Ernie not cutting it? Head over to Picasso’s to get your sweet-tooth fix. They offer 19 different cookie flavors and 17+ cupcakes, along with other homemade pastries. Picasso’s prides themselves on making everything from scratch, every-day, with only the most natural ingredients. We recommend the Nutella S’more cupcake or their coconut muffin.

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