5 Smoothies to Kick-Start your Morning

– Alyson Weber

It’s tempting to eat a bagel, frozen waffles, or to skip breakfast entirely as a college student. I can’t prove that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but a nutritious breakfast sure does boost your focus and energy, and can help you conquer those dreadful 8am classes with pizzazz. Whip up these protein-filled, refreshing, and yummy smoothies that’ll cover your proper serving of fruit (and maybe vegetables) for the day!

Creamy Strawberry-Mango Protein Smoothie

Source: BlissfulBasil)

With the warm weather we’ve been having, isn’t it making you even more ready for summer? With tropical flavors like strawberry, mango, and banana, you’ll already feel like you’re lying on a beach with your sunglasses and swimsuit on!

Apple Pie Protein Smoothie

(Source: GimmeSomeOven)

So comforting, so classic. Traditional apple pie flavors blended into a fantastic (and not to mention healthy) breakfast treat!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake

(Source: MinimalistBaker)

Nothing beats the combination of chocolate, banana, and peanut butter. This epic trio unites and delivers an even more epic smoothie.


Berry Green

(Source: DamnDelicious)

In this recipe, the food blogger places the ingredients in a plastic bag, and puts it in the fridge the night before. All you have to do in the morning is plop the ingredients from the plastic bag into the blender and blitz it all up! Efficient, easy, and tasty!

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