14 Tattoos Every Foodie Needs in Their Life

– Megan Falk

While the guy from Tinder you’ve been seeing since last Friday may not last, your favorite snacks will always offer support. In times of emotional stress, a quart of triple chocolate fudge ice cream was there to lift your spirits, and when you drank a little too much at your sorority’s formal, a large pizza was there to soothe your cravings. So instead of getting “Chad” tattooed across your lower back this summer, take your appreciation for fresh veggies, sugary sweets or tasty carbs to the next level with one of these food tattoos.

1. Infinity Sign Made of Bacon

(Source: Pinterest)

Bacon is a timeless breakfast staple, and this tat proves that our love for it is endless.

2. Oozing Grilled Cheese

(Source: Tattoodo)

Make this tattoo outing complete with a celebratory bowl of tomato soup afterwards.

3. Crisp Artichoke

(Source: Pinterest)

Beware: Nearby rabbits may attempt to bite your forearm with a veggie tattoo this realistic.

4. Donut Forget the Donut Pun

(Source: Pinterest)

With a pun perfect for the healing process, your touchy-feely relatives will be sure to keep their hands to themselves.

5. Swirled Spaghetti

(Source: Pinterest)

This tattoo not only encompasses a passion for pasta, but also displays proper twirling technique.

6. Minimalist Fruit

(Source: Pinterest)

If vibrant tattoos aren’t your style, a simplified outline of your favorite fruits are your best bet.

7. Earful of Pizza

(Source: Pinterest)

No need to worry about grease stains or cheese mishaps with this pizza tat.

8. Eggs & Bacon//Skull & Cross Bones

Source: Pinterest)

With a grunge take on a breakfast classic, there’s still a chance for you to join a motorcycle gang.

9. Bite Off of the Chocolate Bar

(Source: Pinterest)

You can satisfy your sweet tooth with this ink, but you may want to take an additional bite out of the bar.

10. Jarful of Olives

(Source: Pinterest)

Out of olive the food tattoos, this ink could really press you for time.

11. Root Veggies

(Source: Pinterest)

There’s no better way to connect with and commemorate Mother Nature than walking barefoot through a field of root veggies with these tattoos.

12. Stacks on Stacks of Pancakes

(Source: Pinterest)

With a tattoo like this, try to visit your local IHOP and attempt to score some free pancakes. Pass the syrup!

13. Splash of Lemon

(Source: Pinterest)

Increase your pain tolerance and toughen your personality with this small, sour citrus tat.

14. Peas and Love

(Source: Pinterest)

Unsure of which veggies to pick up from the supermarket? A quick glance at your arm will remind you that peas and carrots go hand-in-hand.

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