3 Places to Get Your Bagel Fix in ‘Cuse in Memory of Bruegger’s

-Claire Mackman

The aftermath of the legendary Brueggers Bagels’ South Crouse Ave location closing leads one only to wonder: where will I get my bagel fix now ? Well, no need to panic because I have got some promising alternatives for your bagel yearning.

First and foremost, the already popular Stella’s Diner offers an array of bagel friendly combinations.  Stella’s  spinach, tomato, and cheddar scramble on a grilled everything bagel is one of a number of dishes to look out for.  Also, from personal experience you can replace any of the toast from the breakfast  with a bagel instead. Stella’s can give you a breakfast sandwich on a bagel, with a side of bagel if you really wanted to.


Next stop on the bagel quest is BAM Bagel Company in Liverpool, NY. BAM is the bagel connoisseur creating authentic New York style bagels. Their bagel selection offers everything from the classic plain bagel to ginger and chocolate chip bagels. BAM will not let you down when it comes to variety and quality of bagels. They even sell their preservative-free bagels in six packs. This means you can have the comfort of a delicious homemade bagel right at home. It’s no wonder they call them “The Best BAM Bagels Around”.

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 3.11.41 PM.png
Source: Bam Bagels

Lastly let me tell you about the hush-hush and unknown secret of Gem’s Diner. Gem’s is just five minutes from Destiny USA and offers a hallucinatory bagel experience. Some of the options include a Philly cheesesteak sandwich or sweet pepper and egg all served on top of a fluffy bagel. Gem’s Diner gets it when it comes to the bagel obsessed.

Although Bruegger’s has left us with a small hole in our bagel hearts, don’t worry just yet. Stella’s Diner, BAM bagels and Gem’s Diner are all here to console you and your bagel-demanding tummy!

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