GrubHub Reveals March Madness Cravings

Although SU’s basketball team is not in the ranks this March Madness, it hasn’t stopped our appetites from being star players. Kaitlyn Carl, the media relations coordinator at GrubHub, shared some game day statistics with us that are sure to make your jaws drop—enough to ingest copious amounts of take-out, that is.


According to the data from last year’s March Madness, Syracuse University ranks as the No. 1 hungriest school in the nation—take that, Duke. Studies show that our school’s order volume spikes 31% on game days. And that doesn’t even account for the food that isn’t processed through the online ordering service. Where this may not be a surprise to many who follow the simple equation that sports=drinks=food, it is interesting to see what March Madness fans are craving. Nationwide, the top ten dishes ordered on game day are as follows:

  1. Gnocchi (31%): Che cosa?
  2. Iced coffee (31%): We know what you are really filling those Starbucks cups up with.
  3. Steak fajita (30%): for those who aren’t completely intimidated by the line at Chipotle.
  4. Guacamole (27%): Now that’s more like it.
  5. Churro (26%): This could be the dome’s next big thing.
  6. Cheese enchilada (26%): for those who are completely intimidated by the line at Chipotle and go to Taco Bell instead.
  7. Cold sesame noodle (25%): Sore losers.
  8. Margarita pizza (24%): Because it’s classier.
  9. Tekka maki (24%): You mustn’t attend Syracuse.
  10. Tamago (24%): ???

So despite Cuse’s absence on the court this weekend, at least there is another victory to celebrate. So when you curled up on the couch watching Michigan State beat Oklahoma while waiting for the Jimmy John’s deliver man to ring your doorbell, just remember, Michigan State is ranked number two in game day volume with only a wimpy 30% spike. Losers.



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