#MyFoodHigh: The Roundup

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Already miss the Caymans. Throwback to all-you-can-eat lobster tails #foodie #myfoodhigh

A post shared by Ellen Meyers (@erlenmeyerflask) on

Welcoming the new year with all-you-can-eat lobster tails on the menu. Photo: @erlenmeyerflask.

2015, done right. #eeeeeats #myfoodhigh #nycfat #hungrybetches

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More excited to eat a diner brekkie than celebrate the New Year. Photo: @thymeandtime.

Forget croutons—give me the loaf! Photo: @jocelynnww.

Can you wolf this one down? Photo: @food_86_.

Who cares if it’s below zero? Ice-cream is suitable for any and every occasion. Photo: @chloe_meister.

Healthy eats make for the best treats. Photo: @inspiredspoons.


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