5 Foodtastic Halloween Costumes

You are a procrastinator and now it is the week of Halloween. You don’t have a clue what to be this weekend, but don’t worry. We took on the struggle of putting together a list of last-minute Halloween costumes. Here are five suggestions that are cheap, creative, and easy to put together—and, since this is Baked, they’re all food and drink related.

Grape Bunch

Grapes are great, so why not make a great grape costume?

Photo: Santy Gibson/Demand Media

What you’ll need:

  • A large quantity of purple balloons
  • A green hat
  • Safety pins
  • Black shirt
  • Black pants


  1. Blow up purple balloons to various sizes.
  2. Carefully safety pin the balloons to your shirt and pants. You will need assistance for this part; make sure to place safety pin through the bottom, tied-off part of the balloon. Organize them like a bunch of grapes—more on the top, close to the shoulders, and less towards the bottom.
  3. Put on green hat and go have a grape time.

Pizza Delivery Guy

Pizza delivery guys are the heroes we need and deserve, so why not dress up as the people that truly make the world go round?

What you’ll need: 

  • Plain T-Shirt
  • Plain baseball cap
  • Pants
  • Printer
  • Tape
  • Pizza box


  1. Print out your favorite pizza company’s logo (i.e. Domino’s).
  2. Cut out logo and tape it to your plain T-shirt and baseball cap.
  3. Get a pizza box that matches the logo on your shirt and cap (Bonus: actually have pizza in the box when you go out).

Solo Cup

More likely than not, you’ll end up at a Halloween party where everyone is drinking out of solo cups. It’s a classic costume that will no doubt be recognized—and probably even get you a free drink.

Via Instructables.com

What you’ll need:

  • Outdoor plastic trash can (one that best resembles the shape of a solo cup)
  • Can of red spray paint
  • Can of white spray paint
  • Rope or heavy fabric
  • Hacksaw
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun
  • Garbage bag


  1. Cut off handles and bottom of plastic trashcan using a hacksaw. You can use sandpaper to smooth rough edges.
  2. Use staple gun to attach rope of heavy fabric straps to trashcan. The straps will go over your shoulders and hold the solo cup, so place them shoulder distance apart.
  3. Spray paint the top of can white to create the white lip of the solo cup. Let dry.
  4. Once white spray paint is dry, seal off the rim of the trashcan with a garbage and bag.
  5. Spray paint the rest of the trashcan with red paint. Let dry.
  6. Enter your solo cup.

Salt & Pepper

If you’re in need of a couple’s costume, look no further.

 Supplies Needed:

  • White shirt and white pants
  • Black shirt and black pants
  • Bottle of white fabric paint
  • Bottle of black fabric paint
  • 1 foam brush
  • 2 gray hats
  • Heavy-duty black Velcro circles
  • A friend


  1. Outline the letter P on the black shirt and a large S on the white shirt.
  2. Using the white fabric paint and foam brush, lightly spread paint to create the letter P across the black shirt.
  3. Using the black fabric paint and foam brush, lightly spread paint to create the letter S across the white shirt.
  4. Let fabric paint dry.
  5. Place 4-6 heavy-duty black Velcro circles on gray hats to create the top of salt and pepper shaker.

Morton Salt Girl

The Morton Salt Girl is a classic logo—it’s easily recognizable and even easier to assemble the timeless symbol into a Halloween costume.

Via teen.com

What you’ll need:

  • Yellow dress
  • Yellow sneakers or shoes
  • Umbrella
  • Can of Morton salt


  1. Sport yellow dress, yellow sneakers, umbrella and can of Morton Salt.
  2. Offer salt for tequila shots.


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