Mason Jar Masterpieces

It’s been proven that you appear ten times more awesome when eating out of a mason jar. Trust me. Try out these recipes using a fun glass container and you’ll instantly be the coolest kid on campus. Faux-potle Nobody has time for the Chipotle lunch rush. Beat the line and pack this burrito bowl-inspired meal to go. Layer sour cream, rice, grilled chicken, salsa, lettuce, guacamole, … Continue reading Mason Jar Masterpieces

3 Creative Ways To Eat Quinoa

Although quinoa is most commonly found in a health-nut’s kitchen, you’re seriously missing out if you haven’t made room on the shelf for this grain. Quinoa is the new carbohydrate you’ve been praying for since you realized that pizza isn’t actually considered a balanced meal. Originally grown in South America, this ‘grain’ is a hefty serving of protein and is gluten free, so invite all your … Continue reading 3 Creative Ways To Eat Quinoa