4 Candy Cocktails for Halloween

This year take advantage of your adult age and instead of filling your body with sugary candy, fill it with some fun sugary drinks. Mixing up these treats will certainly lead to some tricks later in the night. —Chelsea Portner Snickers Shot (Photo: College Candy) What you need: 0.3 ounces of dark crème de cocoa 0.3 ounces of Bailey’s 0.3 ounces of Frangelico Caramel syrup How … Continue reading 4 Candy Cocktails for Halloween

9 Awesome Ways To Eat Peeps This Easter

PEEP, PEEP! Easter’s coming! Just admit it; you’ll go to bed Saturday night wishing the Easter Bunny fills your basket with Peeps—and only Peeps. These sugar-coated marshmallows are everyone’s favorite. Our undying love is so intense that last Easter Youtuber Matt Stonie literally annihilated 100 Peeps in two minutes. Get your Peep on with our quick and easy holiday desserts. 1. Hatching Peeps Peep-a-boo. Get the recipe. 2. … Continue reading 9 Awesome Ways To Eat Peeps This Easter