9 Awesome Ways To Eat Peeps This Easter

PEEP, PEEP! Easter’s coming!

Just admit it; you’ll go to bed Saturday night wishing the Easter Bunny fills your basket with Peeps—and only Peeps. These sugar-coated marshmallows are everyone’s favorite. Our undying love is so intense that last Easter Youtuber Matt Stonie literally annihilated 100 Peeps in two minutes. Get your Peep on with our quick and easy holiday desserts.

1. Hatching Peeps


Peep-a-boo. Get the recipe.

2. Peeps S’mores


You’ll be screaming, “Gimme s’moreee!” Get the recipe.

3. Peeps Sushi


This Internet-famous dessert is the real M.V.Peeps. Get the recipe.

4. Peeps Krispies Treats


Just when you thought Rice Krispies couldn’t get any better. Get the recipe.

5. Peeps Popcorn

popcorn colors stacked

The perfect combination of salty and sweet. Get the recipe.

6. Peeps Pops

 Death by sugar—who cares? Get the recipe.

7. Peeps Birds Nests


Hey Peeps, chick it out! Get the recipe.

8. Peeps Martini


It’s 5 o’clock somewhere—gather for Hoppy Hour. Get the recipe.

9. Peeps Chips


Tastes like Lucky Charms marshmallows. WHAT. Get the recipe.

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