Bloom Nutrition: The trendy way to boost your health?

Bloom juice has taken TikTok by storm… but what exactly is it?

By: Paige O’Connor

Wellness juices have become increasingly popular, but green juice specifically has become one of the trendiest ways to improve your health. The brand Bloom Nutrition is currently the most popular way to do so. Their famous powder takes out the hassle of making other green drinks — no chopping up spinach or kale. While you can transform your Bloom Nutrition greens into juice, there is more to these drinks than you may think. 

In 2019, Bloom Nutrition launched their products to help people intake more greens, protein, or pre-workout. Their most popular item is the green juice, made of Bloom Greens & Superfoods powder that many drink as a quick and easy way to get extra nutrients. It is meant to help the consumer reduce their levels of bloating, improve digestion, and better their overall wellness. According to Exercise With Style, the powder is created using organic fruits and vegetables, probiotics, and over 30 other ingredients. However, it is very important that the powder acts as a supplement product to the nutrients already within your regular diet, it is not a nutrient replacement. It is an allergy friendly powder since it is gluten, dairy, and soy-free, and therefore an even more loveable product. Currently, Bloom Nutrition sells multiple wellness products, from vitamins to electric mixers!

So what do people think about Bloom green juice? On social media, lots of women seem to love this drink. They enjoy the simplicity, the inclusion of measurement, and the immediate effects that they see after use. They enjoy being able to take supplements that feel good for their body and are not filled with harmful ingredients. By using this product, many individuals have been able to lose weight, which is what inspired the owner to create Bloom Nutrition in the first place. 

But, according to Forbes, there are dieticians and nutritionists who state that by having these fruits and vegetables transformed into a packaged powder, many essential minerals, such as fibers and antioxidants, are being lost. Additionally, professionals have advised to be careful when consuming Bloom green juice because not all of their ingredients have faced third-party testing.

Whether or not you’re looking for some new wellness in your life, look into Bloom Nutrition, and let us know what you think!

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