Meet Allie Rosen, the Syracuse University student who combines her love of food and sports on Instagram

Read to learn more about Allie, a SU student who has taken her love for food to Instagram!

By Emma Knauf

Allie Rosen is a junior at Syracuse University, majoring in sports management and minoring in public communications. She is from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, right outside of Philadelphia. On campus, she is involved with the Women in Sports and Events Club and the Sport Management Club. She is also a Creative Services Intern for the Syracuse Athletic Department, working as a photographer during games and preparing content for social media.

In between classes and all her activities on campus, Allie is cooking it up in the kitchen and making content for @sportygirleats, her Instagram account all about food. We had the chance to interview Allie to learn more about her passion for cooking, her favorite foods to eat and make, and how @sportygirleats has allowed her to share her love of food with others.

Rosen excited about her sub. Photo by Allie Rosen.

When did you start @sportygirleats, and why?

I started @sportygirleats back in January of 2021. It was always something I had jokingly talked about doing, but after years of being told time and time again by friends and family that I needed to make a “foodstagram”, and a MAJOR increase in my free time as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, I finally brought @sportygirleats to life! I have always loved food — both eating it and cooking it. I love how something as simple as a home-cooked dish can bring so much joy to people and how foods can have special meanings to different people. I am also fascinated with how food can tell stories — I love using food as a way to learn about different cultures and backgrounds!

When COVID-19 hit, I found myself more and more in the kitchen. As someone who is normally moving at 100 miles an hour, it was a little difficult for me to adjust to slowing down and having practically nothing to do. Cooking became a staple during my lockdown routine — making big breakfasts after a workout, utilizing leftovers in fun ways for lunch, and finding new recipes for dinner. My family also made a big effort in supporting local restaurants during the pandemic. We would try to order in once a week from local spots, both family favorites and new places! I love trying new cuisines and eating my way around the world. @sportygirleats was almost like an outlet for me to post about my food adventures. It has also taught me that it is much easier to just post everything in one place on Instagram, rather than having to send all my food pictures in different iMessage chats.

What got you into cooking?

My parents. I have been around food my whole life, and I have been helping out in the kitchen for as far back as I can remember. It first started with baking — my mom loves to bake! Then, it progressed into cooking, and once I was old enough, I started helping my dad out back with the grill. As much as I love to bake, I’m more of a cook these days, but I never shy away from making a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies! When I’m cooking, I love making tacos! In my opinion, Taco Tuesday is the best day of the week. In terms of my adventurous nature when it comes to cooking, I credit that to years and years of having cooking shows on in our house. Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown in particular is a show that has had a huge influence on me.

You were abroad in London last semester! How was the food abroad, and what was the best thing you ate (if you can choose)?

I loved the food scene abroad! British food tends to get a lot of hate, but I love a good fish and chips, sausage roll, and the pies at sporting events. In my mind, the London food scene is not just your class British dishes. Since it is such a global city, I feel that “London food” is more of a vessel to try foods from all over the world. Between the food market culture (which I absolutely LOVED) and areas across the city like Chinatown, you are able to try dishes from all over the world. Borough Market alone had food stalls serving cuisines from more than 10 countries! Down the road from where I lived we had places serving Indian food, Korean food, Ethiopian food, and more.

The best thing I ate (and recommended to everyone in the Fall 2022 London program) while abroad was the smoked scamorza sandwich from The Black Pig in Borough Market. I probably had that sandwich at least 5 times over the course of the semester, and I am not ashamed to admit it. As someone who is from right outside of Philly, I know good roast pork. And let me tell you, The Black Pig is doing it right. The sammy is on toasted ciabatta and consists of slow roast pork shoulder, aioli, fennel and apple slaw, basil passata, and smoked scamorza. The textbook definition of heavenly, if you ask me!

The SU foodie was stoked to be in London. Photo by Allie Rosen.

Outside of London, I also loved finding food-related things to do when I traveled. I always made sure to try foods that countries are known for and even took some cooking classes, like a pasta-making class in Rome and a chocolate-making class in Brussels! I really recommend taking advantage of using food to learn about cultures.

Do you have tips for cooking during busy school weeks, and do you have any restaurant recommendations in Syracuse?

When planning out my meals for the week, I create a sticky note tab on my computer to plan out what food I need for the week. I also use the OurGroceries app to help me stay organized while food shopping. Some of my favorite food spots in Syracuse are School & Vine, Sakana-Ya, Dinosaur BBQ, and Spoon and Chopsticks.

If you want to see what Allie is cooking and keep up with her Taco Tuesdays, restaurant bites, and more, be sure to follow @sportygirleats on Instagram!

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