A guide to simple foods for when you feel under the weather

When you are sick, it is essential to be kind to your mind and body. Resorting to effortless comfort foods is the perfect solution.

By Izzy Giacoppo

Dealing with food when you are sick can be a complex issue for many reasons: you may have no appetite, feel too fatigued to make food for yourself, or find that you have nothing to eat and are unable to go out to get food. There are plenty of modern solutions, such as mobile ordering food or groceries to your house, but these may not be options for everyone. At Baked, we may not know how to cure illnesses, but we do know how to suggest simple yet satisfying foods for when you feel under the weather. 

One of the most ironic things about being sick is that your body needs food to get better, but you often have no appetite. Well, if you have no desire to eat a full, flavorful meal, why not keep it simple? A simple snack that can help you fill up is oyster crackers. Petite and salty, oyster crackers are crisp, airy, and not too overwhelming for an empty, unhungry stomach. You may find that once you start eating something light and manageable, your appetite begins to return, and you are on the way to keeping your body nourished.

There’s nothing a simple toast and tea can’t fix! Photo by Izzy Giacoppo.

Once your appetite has begun to return, try moving on to toast! It is certainly nothing revolutionary, but adding some creamy butter and even cinnamon and sugar creates a yummy snack that is quick to prepare. For extra comfort and a perfect match to sugary toast, go ahead and fix yourself a warm cup of tea. 

It is well known that sticking with warm, comforting foods when you are not feeling well is best. Something you should always have in case you get sick and need something that is both calming to make and easy to prepare is chicken noodle soup. You can either heat up a can of soup on the stove or in the microwave, or keep some noodles and chicken broth on hand if you feel up to making it from scratch.

Being sick can turn making and eating food into a challenge, so it is always important to have an idea ahead of time about what works when you are not feeling well. Hopefully, we have provided some ideas and maybe even reminded you of some of your favorite comfort foods that make being sick a little easier.

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