Syracuse’s vegan seasonal menu

Your favorite local vegan finds

By Maddie Rhodes

Tis’ the season of crunchy leaves and everything pumpkin. While you’re adding all things fall to your October appetite, don’t forget these seasonal vegan meals to your menu.

The A.B.C. Burger at Strong Hearts


Strong Hearts’ seasonal menu never fails! They recently started serving the A.B.C. Burger which has a beyond burger, apples, tempeh as bacon, “cheddar,” maple Dijon aioli, maple balsamic caramelized onions, and cumin spiced pepitas. Whether it’s the apples or the maple aioli, this is the ultimate vegan meal for the fall. They have outdoor seating, so take advantage while it’s still warm.

Autumn Spinach Salad at Strong Hearts


Not in the mood for a fall burger? You can never go wrong with an Autumn Salad. Strong Hearts makes a salad with spinach, tempeh as bacon, candied pecans, dried sweet cranberries, herbed “feta,” sliced apple, red onion, and maple dijon vinaigrette. The mixture of vegan feta and cranberries are perfect for the season.

Cinnamon-Orange Buns at The Sweet Praxis


Yes, these delights are vegan! Have breakfast and dessert at the same time with brioche filled with cinnamon sugar and orange zest “butter” and drizzled with local maple syrup icing. Taste its creamy goodness outside of Sweet Praxis and watch the fall trees change colors. 

Apple Streusel at The Sweet Praxis


This apple treat will delight your taste buds. You can actually taste the apple in the muffin. They put apple chunks, apple pie spices, and apple pie streusel with apple cider glaze on top. If you really want the true fall experience, order their apple cider with it. 

Biscuits & Gravy at NICE Biscuit


This restaurant is 100% vegan. Try the two biscuits with country “sausage” gravy which tastes just like Thanksgiving, but for breakfast. You can add JUST Egg or Fried Chick’n if you’re in the mood.

I Say Tomato Grilled Cheese at Board and Bar on Epicuse


This place is known for their charcuterie boards (and yes, they have a vegan one) but in light of the fall, the Tomato Grilled Cheese would go best with your autumn taste buds. It’s made with vegan mozzarella and tomato jam. They have a store next to the bar where you can buy individual vegan cheeses as well.

Spiced Buttercream Cake at Pastabilities


Believe it or not the Buttercream Cake is vegan. It’s made with chai buttercream, topped with vanilla-apple cider sauce and candied pecan crumble. They have vegan options for dinner, but if you’re looking for a fall option, it’s never frowned upon to grab dessert first.

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