Butter Board: TikTok’s next big thing

By Maddie Roberts

If you are on any side of food TikTok, I am sure you have seen a butter board. TikTok creator Justine Dorion (@Justine_Snacks), who made the butter board trend viral, claims that butter boards are the new charcuterie board. While that is a very bold assertion to make on “FoodTok,” #butterboard has reached almost 5,000 posts on Instagram in the past few weeks. 

So, what exactly is a butter board? Basically, it is butter spread atop a fancy wooden board. What matters most are the toppings and bread selected to be dipped in the butter. Some common toppings are honey, lemon zest, herbs, salt, and figs. It is an elegant and advanced way to serve bread and butter to your favorite guests. 

The original idea for butter boards came from chef and author Joshua McFadden in his 2017 book, “Six Seasons: A New Way With Vegetables.” On his Instagram page, McFadden commented, “Seems like the secrets out about Butter Boards!?!?!?!?” He went on, explaining that, “it showcases all kinds of fun seasonal surprises.”

In Dorion’s viral butter board recipe video, she explains step-by-step how to create the perfect communal dish. Starting off, she spreads softened butter all over a wooden tray. Then, she tops it with salt, lemon, herbs, honey, coriander, and edible flowers. Served with warm bread, Dorion explains how the butter board is a great option when hosting a lot of people and a new kind of classy comfort food. 

The rise of butter boards has inspired new types of serving spreads. Cream cheese boards have been circulating on TikTok as well, which include Everything but the Bagel Seasoning, salmon, and warm bagels. People have taken new directions by making Mediterranean boards with labneh, Indian style boards with chaat, and hybrid butter-charcuterie boards. 

Despite the seemingly overwhelming love for butter boards, some on the internet will not be jumping on the trend. “Butter deserves better,” says Jessica Roy of Los Angeles Times. Her article raises hygiene-related concerns about butter boards, explaining how the boards used are constantly scratched up by knives, allowing for bacteria to fall in the cracks. For hosting, Roy recommends a butter dish or a butter bell as safer and more sanitary options.  

What is your take on butter boards and all the boards inspired by butter boards? Will it be the next trend to take dinner parties by storm, or is it just a recipe for disaster?

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