Tous Les Jours

by Alexandra Cuoco

Tucked away on Erie Boulevard in Syracuse is the gem Tous Les Jours, a bakery that has a Korean-French inspired twist on all of their products. Tous Les Jours puts a spin on traditional pastries such as the croissant, cornette and macaron. The bakery incorporates flavors such as matcha and traditional foods such as kimchi to common pastries to spice things up. 

Photo by Nina Gerzema

When I first walked in the store, the kimchi croissant immediately caught my eye. A doughy, flakey croissant with kimchi incorporated brings a sweet and spicy combination that would make anyone’s mouth water. The second thing to catch my eye was the bread section, filled with traditional french breads like baguettes and rolls. But, the most amazing aspect of the bread section was the Asian influenced breads, such as green melon biscuits, which are colored bright green with a sweet taste, and a purple sweet potato loaf made with taro powder and purple sweet potatoes. 

Another must-try section is the pies. They offer unique pies such as the traditional caramel apple pie and the yuzu pie. The yuzu pie, a citrus fruit originating from East Asia, is a sweet pie filled with yuzu cream. The cornet is a traditional pastry originally developed in Italy called the Cornetto. Over time, the pastry has been changed in multiple countries with a range of fillings from sweet to savory. Tous Les Jours offers both the sweet and savory versions of the pastry by providing flavors such as the chocolate cornet pie, the blueberry cornet pie, and a garlic sausage version. The garlic sausage cornet provides a savory salty flavor that will leave you wanting more. 

Photo by Nina Gerzema

The savory section of Tous Les Jours has an amazing section of hearty spins on traditional sweet pastries. Two that caught my eye were the tomato olive danish and beef rib bread. However, the highlight of my experience at Tous Les Jours were the kimchi and curry croquette. These two pastries truly embody the Asian influence combined with traditional french pastries that Tous Les Jours creates. Not only does Tous Les Jours make pastries, macarons and cakes, but also coffee, matcha and boba. 

If you have a chance, make sure to take a glance at the cake and macarons in the case. The Tous Les Jours cakes are absolutely stunning and unique. Flavors range from Chocolate Gateau, Mango Cloud Cake, Green Tea Cream Cake and Strawberry Cloud. The macarons are situated right above these stunning cakes with traditional flavors and also some unique flavors such as blueberry lavender, green tea and earl gray. This absolutely stunning hidden gem should be the next stop on your to-do list if you love to try new foods.

Photo by Nina Gerzema

Tous Les Jours not only provides stunning products, but the atmosphere is so welcoming as well. The owners greeted me with a warm smile when I entered and I immediately felt comfortable. Make sure to give Tous Les Jours a look if you have some spare time. I promise you will not regret it!

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