Broaden Your Burrito Bucks

by Courtney Carlson

Chipotle is a regular in many Syracuse University students’ meal rotation, especially with one right down the block from campus. But this can take a toll on the average college students’ wallet. These tips will stretch your dollar to its fullest. 

  1. Order a bowl (or a salad if you like the supergreens salad mix)

Each entree does not hold the same amount of filling on the inside, but ordering a bowl is a great foundation for all other menu options. If you desperately want a burrito, you can add a side tortilla for 25 cents, then use the bowl to fill and fold it yourself. To make this process easier, you can also ask for the tortilla inside of the bowl, or ask for taco tortillas or shells on the side. 

  1. Ask for sides

Sides of salsa, cheese, sour cream, rice, beans, lettuce, vinaigrette, lime juice, cilantro, and fajita veggies are all free. Customers sometimes like to get a bowl with hot food inside and cold ingredients on the side so they can reheat and enjoy it later or as two meals. If you’re planning on getting chips, you can also use sides to make nachos. “Dragon sauce” is a popular dip that simply combines hot salsa and sour cream. 

  1. Order the Kids’ Meal

Although they are small, kids’ meals are less than $7, and are a nice light meal if you’re on the go. The kids’ meal includes a drink and chips or a clementine. If you get the “build your own” and want to leave out meat, you can get queso or guac, which is perfect for the chips that come with it. You can get cheese as a side and make two quesadillas in your microwave at home. 

  1. Get the app

With the Chipotle Rewards app, you get free chips and guac, and for each dollar you spend in the restaurant, online, or in the app, you’ll receive 10 points. You can exchange your points for charitable donations, food, beverages, or merchandise. Plus, Chipotle recently released an update with ways to earn additional points, such as ordering each type of entree before Jan. 1 for 500 bonus points. As an added bonus, ordering through the app will save you from waiting in line, and you still have the options of side tortilla and extra ingredients. 

  1. Skip protein for free guac

Veggie bowls come with guacamole included either on your entree or on the side at no additional charge. Skipping protein might not be ideal, but the guac is worth it if you are on a budget. Plus, it’s the cheapest option available.

  1. Order half and half protein

You can order two types of protein, and get a half scoop of each. Most of the time, you will end up getting a little bit extra because measuring out exactly half of a spoon is difficult. A popular choice is half chicken and half steak. 

  1. Get a three point entree

If you aren’t in love with all the ingredients Chipotle has to offer, you can get a three point bowl. It’s not well known, but Chipotle has a “point system” based on the value of all ingredients. Proteins, guac, and queso are worth two points, and everything else is worth one. Everything above three points is full price, but a three point entree is discounted. For example, a bowl with chicken and cheese is a three pointer and would be discounted, while a burrito with rice, black beans, fajita veggies, and mild salsa would not be considered a three pointer. For more discounted combos, just google “chipotle three pointers.”

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