Syracuse Flights You Need to Try ASAP

by Maddie Roberts

Flights have been all the rage in the trendy food world. They are the cutest assortment of sample size foods and drinks. From margarita flights to donut flights, there is always a way to try different flavors of the same item. Here are some amazing flights that you can try in Syracuse. 

The first stop is over on Westcott Street at Rise N Shine Diner. They’re known for their Instagrammable food and funky menu, so of course they’d have some fun flights to offer! We’re highlighting two: the pancake flight and the spiked coffee flight. The pancake flight comes with your choice of three mini pancake stacks, from any of the flavors Rise N Shine offers full size. Rise N Shine has some super creative pancake flavors, like Oreos and cream, birthday cake, and cinnamon roll. This is the perfect way to try all the amazing flavors, because, let’s be honest, it’s hard to decide between all the delicious options Rise N Shine has to offer. 

With your pancake flight, you can also grab a spiked coffee flight to drink. In the spiked coffee flight, you get to choose four of the alcoholic coffee flavors. You can combine the dirty caramel latte (vodka, coffee liquor, salted caramel liquor, salted caramel flavor, espresso, and cream), with the Tennessee Coffee (Jack Daniels, brown sugar syrup, cream, and soft whip), plus two more of their incredible options. Overall, Rise N Shine’s trendy flights make for a wonderful breakfast! 

On the topic of drink flights, we simply must discuss the famous Beak and Skiff cider flights, in which they offer an assortment of their 1911 brand hard ciders in sample sizes. The flavors range from maple bourbon to cider donut to sweet apple flavor — perfect for fall. If you aren’t as into the fall flavors as we are, 1911 has so many other cider options. They’ve got sour pomegranate, black cherry, and a tropical one filled with pineapple and mango flavors. Another bonus: the cider flights are only $6! Check out all their incredible flavors and pick your favorites for your next flight.

Another drink flight comes out of Board and Bar Charcuterie. Board and Bar opened this summer, and already has a delicious looking menu. They’ve got a wide selection of cocktails, including a mimosa flight. This flight comes with 5 different mimosa flavors, so everyone is bound to find one they love. It comes with a classic champagne and orange juice mimosa, a cucumber-ginger combination, a sunrise mimosa with tequila, grenadine, and orange juice, a mango-habanero style mimosa made with triple sec, orange juice and prosecco, and lastly, a honey hibiscus drink full of honey, gin, and prosecco. This flight is a perfect way to try all new types of mimosas while still keeping the classic, because really, who can go wrong there? 

Flights have been such a popular trend at restaurants and events, and we’re here for it! They’re such a fun way to try new flavors and branch out, and these Syracuse restaurants have some must-try options.

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